Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Water Table Rainbow by Tomato Mama Teachable Moments Tuesday

     Around here we love our water table. I bought this Step2 WaterWheel  play table 2 summers ago and I have to say that it was money well spent. We play with it in lots of different ways including with the toys it came with ( boats, spinner funnel, and cup) as a toy car wash, we've rolled balls down the slope and shot golf balls into it with his toy golf clubs ( water hazard!) It's a great way to cool down, but it also a great learning experience.
      Last night I filled up an ice cube tray and put a little food coloring in each section to make colored ice cubes and put them in the freezer. Today we had a rainbow of ice cubes waiting for us. We filled up the water table and I let Pickle decide what color cubes to put in.

     We watched them melt and guessed what color the different cubes would combine to make. I gave him a spoon and he stirred them up. 

     When we ran out of colorful ice cubes we dumped in all the melted water that was left in the tray and got this cool swirl that Pickle stirred up.
      Pickle wanted more ice cubes. I was out of colorful ones so I pulled out some regular ones and let him get some small motor practice putting them in the water one by one with some tongs. I love how this 
activity evolved and that he had so much fun that he didn't want to stop. I'm going to make some more cubes tonight with more food coloring and see if we get a more vibrant result. I will post an update tomorrow! 

    Tonight at bedtime we will read WartHogs Paint: A Messy Color Book. By the way, this was not as messy of an activity as it might seem! I have one blue fingernail, but the rest of it washed off. I dressed Pickle in dark clothes that would not stain just in case. 


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