Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teachable Moments Tuesday: Library Day!

       As a teacher I know the importance of a print-rich environment for a child learning to read. A child who grows up in a house that has lots of books, magazines, newspapers, lists, and comics ( that's for Tomato Papa) is more likely to be a reader. Pickle is definitely growing up in a print-rich environment. I love books and read every single day of my life. We get the newspaper. We read online. We read together before every nap and every bedtime. We even have toy books that he can take in his bath! 
       On top of all that reading at home we also visit our local library every week. We actually had not been to the library in 2 weeks this time because of all the beautiful weather we have been having so we were very excited to get new books! 

     We have a really cute library near us. It is adorable inside and out and the people who work there are always so nice. It is a treat to get to go there, especially with Pickle. We really look forward to our trips there together and fill up a big bag full of books every time we go.  We always stop at the bridge to look for froggies and fish on our way in. 
        Pickle is really into Clifford books these days but we got a good variety of choices. Have you read the Karma Wilson Bear books? Love! They are so adorable! It's so much fun to stumble across new books to love!
      Our library has a fun coloring table with windows to the beautiful courtyard. We colored and bird watched for awhile.
      Pickle was so excited about this book that he had to stop and read it right then and there! Then we went to check out our giant stack of books. Our library has self-scanners so I have my assistant help me. He does a great job! 
The stack was pretty big today!


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