Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Week in Pictures and Poetry (Tuesday ) by Duck Momma

See that angel scuffing down the street. With high heeled shoes on tiny feet. Could anybody be so sweet, as pigtails on parade.

She is wearing grandma's wedding gown, with old lace curtains draped around little pigtails on parade.

Her eyes are bright as starlight. Her cheeks like a rose. She thinks she's quite a lady with the powder on her nose.

I bet she's going calling on the neighbors next door. And winds up with a penny for the corner candy store.

I know that soon will come a day, when love will beckon her away. But to me she'll always stay little pigtails on parade.

So play your games this afternoon, for May so quickly turns to June. But darling don't grow up too soon, little pigtails on parade.

- a lullaby sung by my grandpa to my mom, by mom to me, and now by me to my baby.
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