Friday, May 20, 2011

Chocolate! (Got your attention didn't I?) by Tomato Mama


     Tomato Papa loves chocolate. When his birthday rolls around he always wants a chocolate cake, with chocolate icing, chocolate filling, chocolate ice cream on the side and chocolate anywhere else on the cake that I can think to sneak it in.
      This year I made him my version of a cake I saw in Martha Stewart Living. Mine is not as fancy. I'm no Martha, but it was cute! The problem is that I've got tons of M&M's in the house since then. I think they have been multiplying. Pickle also got many little packets of the mini ones in his easter basket. Pickle and I are not really chocolate people. ( I know! We are strange!) A little chocolate goes a long way for us. Tomato Papa is trying to ignore all the chocolate, but we need to use it up.
     Besides M&M cookies and maybe chocolate covered strawberries with the little M&M's are the only ideas I have come up with so far. Help!  Please send me your ideas for using up some M&M's! Send me an email or leave a comment ( it's ok to link to your blog) and let me know what to do! I would love to feature your recipe as well!


  1. What about mixing the sweet and salty and make a trail mix. Mix the M&M's with peanuts/almonds/sunflower seeds/raisins.

  2. That's a great idea! Portable too! Keep 'em coming please people!