Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sky Watching by Tomato Mama Teachable Moments Tuesday

       Pickle is an active little guy. He has been since before he was born. What a squirmer! Now he spends a lot of time running, jumping, spinning, and rolling. He loves to move. When my little guy decides that he wants to sit down and snuggle, I drop everything and enjoy it! You can't miss opportunities like that! After playing in the yard last night, he crawled up on my lap in my comfy deck chair. We snuggled with his "cubby bears" and looked up at the beautiful trees and sky. 
       We talked about how the trees are changing. We watched a bee buzz around lazily. We spotted a beautiful cardinal. Pickle thought he saw lots of alphabet letters in the clouds. We got to see lots of airplanes and talked about why they make lines. It was such a sweet moment. I tried to drink it all up to remember forever! 
       I had my camera with me and Pickle did some photography. All the pictures on this post are his work. Love them! 

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