Monday, January 31, 2011

Upcycle project 1: Sweater Bear by Duck Momma

I am that person. You know, the one who gets attached to everything, inanimate objects not excluded. I cried when I sold my car (which I had named Tallulah ) and I have my grandmother's wedding cake topper. I know I'm already in trouble as a mom, every thing she does is going to be precious ... better invest in a big scrap book!
But finding sentimental value in things is not always a bad thing, and it can fuel creative inspiration and outlet. For example I had an old brown sweater that I just loved. It was so warm and comforting but it just wasn't quite wearable any longer. But maybe I would have a purpse later so in the craft supply closet it went. Low and behold a bear shaped pillow turned up. I wasn't quite sure what I was doing but I dove in. Nothing a few stiches, ribbon, and lots of stuffing can't fix. For the bear's tummy I used a shirt I bought from an artist on Etsy. Its a maternity shirt I wore with Goose. It is so sweet but it doesn't work post baby.
The end product isn't perfect, but very sweet and functional. I get to display something I was proud of as something I'm currently proud of.
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