Thursday, March 3, 2011

Squish Squash : Munchkin Food Grinder Review by Duck Momma

When I registered for baby stuff, I imagine I had an experience like many new moms. I registered just about everything. I wanted to make sure we were more than set and I was also subject to "New Mommy Clouded Head Syndrome". The Munchkin Food Grinder is one of the things I fell for. Don't do it! I wanted to make sure I fed my new little one the best and freshest. I still do, (see Kitchen Adventures: Rainbow Series of our blog) But this 'tool' is not the great idea it seems. It is so tempting, it is bright and cute and I am a sucker for that. The whole process of trying to put food into grind is an absolute mess, the design just doesn't work.You are suppose to turn it upside down and then plunge. . . Not good.  The grinding teeth themselves are also not effective, quite dull.  I started with a nice ripe banana. . . should have been super super easy. . . should have been. Just that was a disaster. The little handle crank pops off if its too loose and if its too tight won't turn. And the little mesh fresh food sucker thing. . . soooo messy and really hard to clean. Trust me parents, pass on this one.
Once I started to function on my 'New Mommy High' I realized I had all I needed to make food. Any food processor, blender, or Immersion blender (I love my immersion blender, all the attachments make it super multifunctional by the way)will work. *Sigh* That lesson is learned, so on to the next!

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