Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Farmers Market by Duck Momma

Duck Momma's favorite stop at the market, Sweet Street Spices
Goose taking the trip seriously. . . to be fair, she just woke up
Tomato Momma and Pickle stopping for cheese! Mmm
Yesterday was Farmers Market day. We love our Farmers Market, it is really great to support local business, farmers, and artisans. Plus its just a lot of fun. This time of year is sort of the limbo point, its not really any season so the produce is a little more sparse but spring is coming and everything will start popping up!
I love finding fresh local produce, it almost always tastes better and can sometimes save you a bit.

We had some lovely finds though. I visited one of my favorite places on earth, Sweet Street Spices. They have such variety and make it so affordable, which is good thing because I have trouble controlling myself there. This time garlic, majoram, onion powder, cayanne pepper, corriander, and caraway seeds came home with me. I also found some beautiful heriloom carrots (which turned into goodies for Goose and glazed carrots for Momma and Daddy) and leeks!
Tomato Momma found crisp apples and tasty cheeses. Yum!

Even though it was a little empty this time, the sights and smells were delicious and we can't wait for next time!
One of my purchases, Heirloom Carrots. . . More on these to come.  . .
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