Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So you Sew? The Sun Dress Endevours by Duck Momma

As I'm writing this I am working on the first of six little dresses for Goose. Making her little dresses for this summer seemed like a brilliant plan, I used to sew with my mom. They are just little dresses, how hard could it be?

What a silly question?!

I'm here to report, it is not easy! Somewhere between muttering as I rip out yet another seam and poke my finger with a needle I began to wonder what made this seem like such a good plan. I know the patterns are cute and the fabric is adorable. . . but there are made dresses out there. All sewed up and everything! ( I was shocked at how much it was to make a dress, you really don't save anything. And we got all the supplies at 40% off)

But yesterday as I put the gathers of the skirt in oh so slowly and looked down at the little dress that my little girl would wear, I remebered exactly why I wanted to do this. This little dress will be adorable for this summer (and maybe next judging from the size) but I'm making it for her. Just for her and maybe someday years and years from now when we sort through her memorable  things, I will be able to tell her those dresses where made by her momma (with grandma's help) just for her.

So with renewed passion, I press (yay puns) on one stitch at a time. And lucky you will just get to sit back and watch! Or maybe start your own little project? I promise, it will be sew worth it. . .

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