Monday, March 14, 2011

Daddy Notes by Tomato Mama

I'm lucky enough to have a kid that sleeps in pretty well in the mornings. He usually gets up around 8 or 9. Unless we have something scheduled that day I'm not going to mess with this until preschool starts this fall! It's great for me, but it means that Tomato Papa does not get to see us until after work. Pickle and Tomato Papa are so close. Tomato Papa is such a great Dad. It is so wonderful to see how close they are. I could not have asked for a better Daddy for my little boy.

Even though he can't be there in the mornings with us, he leaves Daddy notes. (Pictured above.) It's usually just a quick note to say have a nice day, to remind Pickle to be a good boy, and sometimes contains an inside joke. 

Pickle lights up when he sees the note. I read it with him and he carries it around with him for awhile. Even though Tomato Papa can't be here he helps start Pickle's day off in a positive way. I'm saving them for Pickle to have when he is grown up.

Feel free to brag about your hubby here too! Please leave a comment and tell what great things he does.


  1. I found you by way of This Mama Loves Her Bargains...she posted a felt craft project you had sent her. Awesome!!!
    I had to comment on your post...I used to put a note for each of my children in their lunch bag when they went to school...and now, although they are grown, with families of their own, I leave my husband (of 43 years) a little love note on the kitchen counter when I leave for work (he is still sleeping).
    I also love crafting...I'm a former kindergarten and Head Start teacher and just had a wonderful resource for parents of preschoolers published...100 crafts and 100 child-friendly recipes along with 100 picture book recommendations...if you are interested, please visit my website and check it out: or my parenting blog:
    I'll be back to visit. :)

  2. Thanks! Your book sounds right up my alley. I will check out your site too. I'm a former Kindergarten teacher too! So glad you stopped by!