Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kitchen Adventures: Serving up Carrots. . . by Duck Momma

I had some wonderful luck at the Farmers Market yesterday. These beautiful carrots were just begging to come home with me. I thought they would be perfect for Goose. They were bright and beautiful and full of all sorts of good things for growing babies. . . Turns out however I had some important lessons to learn.

First, pace yourself. I got so excited with my find I decided to cook a bunch all at once. I cannot tell you why, it seemed reasonable then. Second, have a plan if you make to much and baby doesn't go for it. Evidently this making your own baby food thing is slightly more difficult than I thought. I think its the texture I need to work on. Maybe then she won't look at me with that offended look and actually consume some. They certainly were very pretty but the flavors just weren't quite right. I added a touch of orange juice to brighten the heavier taste and smooth it out a bit, but that wasn't quite enough.
Lovely Heirloom Carrots from the Farmers Market

A less than impressed Goose. . .
Another lesson learned! Since we have a few servings I think I will try adding some new flavors and try for a silkier texture. Maybe a mix with apples or pears,  I have some fresh sweet potatoes that might be nice too. We are both trying new things, albeit one way more wiling and excited than the other. . . on to the next adventure!

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