Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Picture Perfect by Duck Momma

Being able to combine personal interests and my family is something I have been able to take a lot of pride in. I have always loved and played with photography. My dad was always amazing at it, and my grandpa got me started by giving me his Cannon A100 SLR camera. That was it, I was hooked like a hungry fish in at a bait buffet. . . ok not the best line but I was hooked.
I will skip the part where I go on and on about my fasination with film and the development process, the length of time it took to convince me to go digital, and we will move right up to the current moment, my little Goose.
Every momma wants to catch every moment, I have four different cameras about that I use. Minor shutterbug issues aside, I have been able to put my love of photography to great use. I have a lovely frame for month by month portraits. But those can get so expensive: sitting fees, shots taken, and what parent can walk away from great shots of their beautiful baby so the packages sky rocket. . .
I have the answer! Now this may not work for all, but if you have a camera you love ( mine is a Nikkon D60 that we got for a steal second hand) and a little bit of pretty fabric like faux crushed velvet (think holiday wear), you can do your own!
Using an online photo service like Shutterfly or Snapfish to print, diaper rewards points for photo packages, and my own house for a studio, we get sets of pictures every month and we can keep the grandparents up on their baby fix for under $10.00. Yep $10.00!
So if you ever thought of trying, Go for it! Besides whocan get your baby to smile better than you? Start snapping!

Goose 2 months

Goose 4 months

Goose 5 months

Goose 6 months

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