Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why My 3 Year Old Makes Me a Better Shopper by Tomato Mama

    Last week I had the joy (or so I thought at the time) of going grocery shopping ALONE! That is very rare for me since I prefer to go to the grocery stores during the morning or early afternoon since they are usually pretty deserted compared to nights and weekends. Also, that is the time that Pickle is rested and in a good mood.  Pickle is my usual sidekick. He is a typically a great shopper, but I was giddy with the thought of being able to take my time and shop by myself.

    Oh, how wrong I was!!! I really missed the little guy! He really does make me a better grocery shopper. I didn't realize it until he was not there, but he does!

    First, he makes me more organized. I have to be. Pickle is wearing "big boy" underwear everywhere now (Woot for no more buying Pullups!) so I really have to think through anywhere I take him now. We always "go" before we leave, and park by the entrance with the bathrooms, but you just never know! I have to have a list broken down by grocery store area and stick to it, or there can be accidents. I have to get the groceries done so quickly that I don't have time to notice all of the yummy things that are not on my list calling to me. I zero in on my targets. Not during the solo trip though. Since I could "take my time" I stopped to look at things that were not on my list. I had time to rationalize them in my head. I did not stick to my list. Ok, I didn't buy tons of extra things, but when you are on a budget every dollar counts! This bottle of popcorn seasoning ( and a few other things ) better be worth it!

    Secondly, he makes me more polite. I can't stand the people who park their carts in the middle of the aisle and then block all the rest of the room so you can't get through. I loathe the people yakking on their cell phones at the top of their lungs all the way through the entire store. I don't understand why some people feel the need to take corners around the ends of aisles at top speed without looking to see if someone is there. I have very little patience when it comes to grocery store disrespect, but when Pickle is with me I focus on him and really don't notice the rude shoppers. Pickle and I have great conversations at the store. He is at the age where he is telling me everything on his mind and starting to read the signs all around so we have lots to talk about. It's really special mommy-son time.

    When Pickle is with me my inspiration for making healthy food and budget choices is sitting right in front of me. And what great inspiration he is!

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