Monday, March 21, 2011

No More Teeth Please... by Duck Momma

This has been a tough couple weeks around the pond. Goose has two new beautiful teeth! She has been so good, I  know its not comfortable! But as most mommies will attest with teeth comes cranky babies, tears, and lots of mommy kisses. My little girl is getting so big!

But the teeth crisis doesn't end there. The following is a story for the mommas. Because I know you will be able to appreciate my pain an any number of levels...

First a bit of background, I have a cat named Gus. He is large, 3 legged, and full of personality. He likes to sleep all day on our bed. It is his place. He is not a fan of dogs, especially Daisy Dragon who always wants to play.

On to the story:
This week my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary. He gave me the most beautiful roses and we had a lovely dinner out together. When we got home Goose was asleep (Grandma must have worn her out). So Daddy Duck and I thought we would go. . . "cuddle". This was important for us, and here I'm sure many moms can appreciate, "Cuddling" frequency  has become a bit more infrequent since Goose came along. 

Anyway, I was giggly and happy and went trotting into the bedroom ahead of Duck Daddy and donned a certain birthday suit and went to jump on the bed. Well I did jump on the bed. In the dark. Blindly. . .
The next few moments can only be described as a flurry of fur, teeth, hysterical hissing,shrill shrieking, and pain. . .

THAT'S RIGHT. . . I jumped on the cat.  And he  rightfully bit me. . . in an area that makes it extremely difficult to be a breastfeeding momma. . . I am not exaggerating when I say you could have gotten full dental records from that bite. I washed it immediately and put ointment on. But as they say,cat bites are as nasty as people bites. . . I wound up going to the doctor (which I CANNOT stand as is) and had to have it checked out. I learned a great deal about the loss of pride. "How did the cat get you there ma'am?"  . . . *sigh*

As I'm writing this I'm sitting with my prescribed warm compress and ointment and antibiotics and peroxide. . . and zero desire to deal with any more teeth for a while. Lesson learned, always ALWAYS look before you leap. . . Also don't leap without clothes or right where your large grumpy cat sleeps. . .
I will always remember this anniversary.

I will humbly return to regular posting as soon as possible. . . Thank you ;-) Duck Momma

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