Monday, February 28, 2011

I Want To Put My Feets In! by Tomato Mama

This afternoon Pickle and I were playing with some Moon Sand in his sensory box. We had the tractors out, some "brick" molds, and some cookie cutters I was using for tracing some felt. He grabbed the cookie cutters and started trying them out in the sand. He cut shapes into the sand, molded with them, and stacked them up to let the tractors fill them up. This was all nice clean ( ish) fun. Then, the socks came off.

"Pickle, why are you taking your socks off?"

"Don't look at me Mama." (Uh-oh, that's never a good sign!)

"Do you want to try putting your feet in the sand?" ( He always does this in the sandbox, I had a pretty good hunch this was where this was heading.)

"Yes please!!!!!! I wanna put my feets in the sand to see if it tickles!"

How could I say no to that? He put his feet in. It did tickle.

It was also cold and soft. It was fun, it got messy, and it was learning! Kids want to explore the world with their entire selves. They are storing all of this information and putting it together in their heads to figure out this amazing world. Yes, it got messy. Do I care? Ok, I kind of care. Moon Sand sometimes drives me crazy because it ALWAYS sneaks out of whatever container we put it in. The clean up (which Pickle assisted me in) didn't take long, and it was worth it. Will we do it every day? No, but I'm glad we did.  Now, who knows what he will think up next time. I can't wait to see!

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