Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adoption Day! by Duck Momma

Every year I get to celebrate my Adoption Day. It is one of the most special days of the year, very much like a second birthday. How lucky am I? Really, how blessed am I; I have a mom and a dad who waited so long and wanted me. They adopted me when I was two weeks old, February 22 is the day everything was finalized.

It wasn't always easy being adopted. When I was little, I sometimes worried that it was just a piece of paper that said I belonged in this family. But my mom would always hug me close and explain it was more than paper, it was love and answered prayers. I have always known I was adopted and have always been very proud. My parents were always very open and it was never a scary or negative thing. Its part of who I am. Sometimes kids in school didn't understand or even believe I was adopted, it was a foreign concept to them, that was hard too, but I was still proud and I helped shine light on the subject.

My Mom and Dad on a family vacation
I am so unbelievably grateful for the amazing family I have. My parents are such amazing supporters, teachers, role models, mentors, friends. . . I could never ask for more. In fact, I pray I can follow in their footsteps as I raise Goose with my husband. My mom and dad encouraged me to always be me. They are the most loving giving people I know. I love you two so much, I could never have asked for anything more.

I always like to take time, especially today, to reflect on how grateful I am for the friends I am blessed with as well. They are my family too, and I wouldn't be where I am today without them. They are awesome cheerleaders, cried upon shoulders, laughing buddies, and more. They have sat and watched silly shows in the dark while I was down, they have supported me when I thought I would never have a baby, they picked me up and had the greatest patience, they have celebrated my victories, and soothed my defeats.  I love you all.
And to my husband, you are my best friend. My strength. My calm. You are my Superman. I love you.

My Mom and me on Apple Day 2009

I am blessed.

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