Friday, February 4, 2011

Daisy the Dragon by Duck Momma

Daisy is a dragon. Well, not a real dragon, but close enough. Daisy is our one year old 100+ pound puppy. And if you ever wanted to know what owning a dragon was like, please come walk her.

Now she can't breathe fire, but my not so secret life as a gamer taught me not all dragons do. She sits in her lair, or on her step hoarding every toy she can. Its her treasure. She will sit on it like a bird on its nest, gnawing her giant cow bone.
She doesn't mind adding a shoe to the mix if you aren't watching, in fact she loves that. And for a dog that is as sneak proficient as, well a dragon she is really good at stealing them. For example it is negative degrees outside, but yesterday I swear she stole one of the neighbor kids flip flops. ( she was running like mad from the kid, happy as can be until I stepped in)

And for a dog that can rest her giant head on the table with out stretching, most things are in her reach; Like the laundry basket buffet line. But you always know she has something because like any good dragon she has to show you her treasure.

Now before you go thinking she is a mythological mischief, she has some wonderful redeeming qualities. She loves her family, including and especially Goose. In fact trying to keep the baby from kissing the dog has become an active pass time of mine. When she walks away the baby squeals to get her back.

And she does look out for us, like if the little dog across the pond goes zombie or the nice old man that shovels the snow goes rogue we'll know. Or if the dwarves in my husband's video game escape, she will be all over that. Apparently they are bad news judging from her recent vocalizations.

Despite her faults I love that silly dog. She has taught me a lot about patience and observation. She is a one creature mommy trainer. She makes us laugh and loves us despite our own short comings and flaws. She may raid the cookie jar and try to steal your socks (on or off) but she won't let harm come to you. She will sit faithfully beside you on your bluest day and chase every tear and cat away
I always wanted a dragon of my own.

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