Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mommy Journal by Duck Momma

bKeeping a journal is such a great way to record and reflect on moments in your life. My mom kept a journal for me and it is one of the most treasured items I own. I absolutely treasure my family and little momentos that reflect our past. It is a book that provides little prompt questions, places for recipes, pictures, and personal notes. It is so wonderful. I have read it cover to cover, like the best collection of stories ever, because it is.
The journal I have started for Goose is a handmade made and painted journal by an artist I found on It just screamed at me. All those individual doors are so unique, just like every doorway or path we choose through life. I have a family tree started and have written down songs that my mom sang to me, that I now sing to her, as well as songs I sing her (like Irish folk songs).
I want to write down stroies from my childhood, recipes, funny stories featuring her as a baby, advice. . . I want this to be something for her to have forever, maybe even pass on to her children. Even if it just makes her smile once, if she thinks, " My mom really loves me" it will all be worth it.
On the left is a journal my mom kept for me. It has all sorts of memories and stories.
On the right is the journal I am keeping for Goose. It will include everything from a family tree, songs we sing, stories, memories, recipes,  and advice.

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