Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quick Fix: Baby Britches by Duck Momma

Baby clothes are so sweet. I especially love the little outfits that look like 'real' pants. However my little one is the quintessential sweet chubby baby. Those adorable little thighs have so many cute rolls and dimples. I actually had a lady tell me she could just chew on her cheeks... that was a little strange. Anyway, I never expected to have such a challenge with clothes. Sizes vary as much as grown up clothes! So you can imagine my dismay when all the pants we bought her for Christmas were too tight to pull over those legs!
So I found a quick and easy solution to fix these tight front trousers.
- make a nice clean cut where the fly should be. If its not as clean as you like a couple blanket stitches are helpful.
- I then cut two small slits on each side creating a wide belt loopesque opening. The material shoul be double layered, so be careful to only slit through the top.

- Be sure to avoid snipping any elastic, that would be not so good.

- I then thread some pretty ribbon through the loops and around the back. Any ribbon you like or have is fine. I had a few different types about.
- The ribbon is removable for washing and also for reuse when she out grows these pants.

This is just one inexpensive and easy solution I found. There are certainly many options but I was quite pleased with the simplicity of this. Quick and easy!
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