Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday! By Tomato Mama

Today is a busy day for birthdays! Happy Birthday to my Mom (Tomato-Mimi), Dad, Tomato Papa's Grandpa, and at least 4 friends ( thanks Facebook!) My little brother is turning 20 on Saturday and my Sister in Law - to be has one later in the month. Happy Birthday to you all!

We celebrated with my Mom and brother last night. The festivities included an ice cream cake ( my felt version shown is just as cute, but not nearly as tasty) and having a Nerf Dart gun fight. That's right, my Mom got Nerf guns for her birthday. She is always so much fun, and more than a little fiesty. She has a hilarious sense of humor, is a really talented artist, is so caring and sweet, and is my favorite chick movie date. 

This year though, we can also describe her as a breast cancer survivor. I'm so incredibly blessed to have a Mom like her and give thanks that she is healthy. It has been a really scary winter and to be able to have hugged her, spoiled her, and watch her play with Pickle last night is a miracle to me. Love you Mom! 

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