Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Killed A Spider by Duck Momma

That's right, I killed the spider. You should have seen it! It was at least three feet in diameter, with legs 6 feet long. It had long fangs that were dripping with whatever those movie spider fangs are always dripping with. I'm pretty sure it knew my name and was just taunting me, mean mean bugger. . .

Ok, well maybe not quite like that, but its my story and I did kill a spider. As far as I know, my mother isn't afraid of anything, including spiders. I spent most of my childhood, teenage years, and early adult hood running and screaming like a little girl from the 8 legged advisaries. (to be fair I was a little girl for some of that time). My mom would stroll in and with a mere kleenex between her fingers and the vermin, and she would squash it like. . . well a bug. What a hero! My saviour!

Now I find myself in a very interesting position. Its now my job to be champion, I have a little baby counting on me. She hasn't actually noticed them yet but its still my job. *gulp*

So in the spirit of triumph over evil and being a crafty mommy, I present to you the SPIDER SPEAR! This simple weapon can be used by all and more than effective. It has easily changable ends, so that when; in the heat of battle you do not have to carry around guts. Truthfully its a dowl rod with a thick paper towel folded around it and fixed by a rubber band. It works. And I did kill the spider.

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