Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kitchen Adventures by Duck Momma

Here at our home on the pond, we eat at home most of the time. And Most of the time little Goose is with me in her little saucer watching me work. I show her what I am blending, mixing, or mashing. She watches things simmer, smells good things baking, and hears all the sounds. Some of my earliest and best memories are with my mom in the kitchen and I want to pass that to my little one.

So what do honey and chili powder have in common. . . well nothing right now but I'm sure she will dream up some lovely recipe for them in the future. I am collecting sturdy and standout items for her little kitchen someday. I used to make woods soup when I was little (and was always offended when no one would try my muddled mixture of bark, berries, leaves, etc.) I moved on to my Easy Bake  which turned out some interesting creations(I rarely used packaged mixes). And God bless my dad, he would bravely taste them and then enthusiastically ask me to make more of whatever it was for him to take to work the next day. I was so thrilled and proud. . . I can't imagine what his poor stomach went through.

The things I learned by experimenting and testing the limits of will with my family, did eventually turn me into the cook and foodie I am today. Its something I am really proud of and I love to share that. So now I look forward to sharing my love for food and all that it entails with Goose. Someday too soon, she will be big enough for her own little kitchen and it will be well stocked with tools for her imagination.

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