Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jump Jump Jump: a Baby Toy Review by Duck Momma

Being a first time mommy is such a huge change in my life. There are so many things you have to learn, and so quickly! One of the biggest challenges, I think is knowing what baby gear you need, or want, or want to avoid. We have been very lucky and been able to borrow or reuse some great baby items. We also have done our fair share of buying baby things too. When we did buy things, the reviews were so helpful. Do people need this? Do they like it? Does it work? Am I ridiculous for looking at this? What are we having for dinner. . . wait. . .

So I have decided that I want to share some of the things I have stumbled upon and my thoughts. Hopefully they will be helpful and if not, maybe at least entertaining. First on the docket, our jumperoo. We bought this for Goose for Christmas, she was about 4 months.
Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
This has been fantastic for us. It took Goose about 2 weeks to really figure out what she was supposed to do in it. I tried helping her bounce and got excited at every attempt and before you know it, she started jump, jump, jumping. She has literally spent over an hour just jumping and fiddling with the toys. She loves it.

It does have a sound option with a couple little lights.  I have tried to minimized on features like these, I want Goose to learn to play and not just be entertained. That being said, these are really not bad. The sound rewards the jumping and the animal sounds are kind of cute.  Most importantly, you can switch them off, and it doesn't affect the jumping ability or other toys.

Its a little on the big size, but its not too bad since its stationary. You don't need a door frame. It is movable (nice for vacuuming day). It is relatively easy to get baby in and out. It is adjustable in height, so as baby grows, you can raise it! I did have to give Goose a folded blanket to stand on a first, but as she grew and the springs relaxed a bit, I could move the blanket away!

Overall, I love this toy. It entertains her without me needing to be hands on. So mommy can wash dishes or vacuum or dust. . . wait why did I want two hands . . . Its fun to react to her bouncing. Bonus: it wears her out!There is nothing like watching those little feet go either. I have so many pictures and videos. This is brilliant!

This is how you know its a good toy. Sacked out!

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  1. Aww what adorable pictures!

    I just found you through one of the Monday blog hops. Have a great week!

    Amanda @

  2. found you through the blog hop newest follower

  3. Stopping by from Mailbox Monday- I'm a confirmed email subscriber and GFC follower

    The jumperoo was a HUGE HUGE hit with all 3 of my kids!! My oldest used to catch some serious air LOL

  4. It was a huge hit at the tomato house too. Makes me tear up a little Duck!