Friday, February 4, 2011

Confessions of Self Professed Foodie by Duck Momma

I am a self professed foodie. I love to cook. I love to explore different foods, both eating and preparing. Food and cuisine speak volumes about a culture or location and sometimes about a person. I learned so much from my mom, my grandmothers, aunts, and friends. I also never stop perusing FOOD NETWORK or the web. I am always so pleased and proud when a new dish comes together... but not every attempt does.

Failure is rarely funny in the moment but a few days later: low and behold a lesson is learned. For example, I cannot do Indian/ Middle Eastern food. Cinnamon and allspice in meatballs didn't go over so well. (Neither did my interpretation of a curry coconut sauce... ) Lesson: leave that culture alone, they are better at it than me.

Recent lesson number two, Alton Brown (food nerd crush:-) ) is a pro for a reason. Try not to alter recipes if it's brand new territory. Case in point: pork wellington (a healthier more affordable version of beef wellington ) Cresant rolls cannot be substituted for puff pastry. Adding way more filling also does not work. I fully intended to share pictures with you, but I will spare you. Think half cooked loin with gooey dough under a golden crust * pause for dramatic sigh* and we were so hungry too. Lessons learned.

So after a few nights of not so mouth watering eats, its time to lean on some old favorites and sure bets. Tonight, oven roasted rosemary chicken with bacon green beans and polenta. So tasty and the whole meal is less than $10.
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