Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kitchen Adventures: Serving the Rainbow in Bowls by Duck Momma

Goose will be six months old on Monday. I can't believe time has flown by already. We are now embarking on exciting new adventures as we begin tasting what the world has to offer. I am excited for this stage, I will not be relying solely on jars of food. I want her to start out with wide base for food. Not only is food something that can be enjoyed in so many ways, but I want to broaden her horizon and tastes. I will be sharing our adventures in home creations. I am armed with highly recommended cookbooks for babies, as well as knowledge and encouragement from Baby Led Weaning sources, and with my own enthusiasm for cooking and fresh ingredients. This will be a messy sticky ride I'm sure.

The trickiest thing about being a mom looking for advice or suggestions, is that no one has the absolute right answer. There are a million ways to do things. And for anyone who is in the same boat, I'm sure you know what I mean. I am finding that its good to take in lots of options (make sure you have sound sources) and tailor your actions and choices to you and your baby. You are the expert on your baby, its fantastic and terrifying. This goes for all aspects of parenting I think. 

So branching out slowly, we have discovered peaches and cinnamon, pears and ginger, fresh bananas (fun to hold), sweet potatoes and cinnamon. We can't wait to  try simple baby "meals" and I will be posting successes as well as terrific failures. On the docket soon: beautiful bright beets, tasty turnips, avocados, avocado banana guacamole, eggplant,  and more. We are going to sample the rainbow, not only new experiences for her but for Momma too! (what in the world do you do with turnips or beets? Stay tuned!)
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